Nestled in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Coconut Bowl is a bowling haven renowned as “Milwaukee’s Premier Bowling Destination.” Beyond its commitment to delivering cool vibes and daily servings of authentic Jamaican cuisine, Coconut Bowl stands out for its event offerings. From lively bowling parties to exclusive event hall rentals, this establishment transforms good times into legendary memories. Whether you’re aiming for a perfect strike or savoring Jamaican flavors, Coconut Bowl is where every moment becomes extraordinary.


Coconut Bowl’s Partnership with Young World Marketing:

Coconut Bowl, with its reputation as Milwaukee’s go-to bowling destination, recognized the need to elevate its brand presence. Seeking innovation in design, Coconut Bowl reached out to Young World Marketing for logo design and Milwaukee web design services. Through collaborative efforts, we aimed to capture the vibrant essence of Coconut Bowl, infusing it into a visually appealing logo and a user-friendly website that reflects the excitement and uniqueness of this legendary bowling spot.


  • Designed and optimized the Coconut Bowl website for optimal performance on all devices.
  • Executed fundamental SEO strategies to boost online visibility and drive increased traffic.
  • Ensured the website’s responsiveness on mobile devices for an enhanced user experience and improved accessibility.
  • Offered digital marketing consultation to enhance online impact and strategy.
  • Designed a visually appealing logo through graphic design for Coconut Bowl.

Client: Coconut Bowl

Category: Brand Development